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Thank you for your inquiry regarding our legal services. 

Following is the prices for the basic services for Unlawful Detainer cases.

Price List:

 Consultation with Mr. Shepherd   $175.00 for 30 min or less

3-day notice Preparation (or any other form notice)    $75/notice

30/60/90 Termination of tenancy Notices Preparation (non-form) Or Notice to Cease   $325/Notice


Service (for any notice) (possibly more if regular process server not available)

Unlawful Detainer (for Default) Alameda County Only

$1400 (non-refundable) (includes fees for court filing, serving complaint on one occupant, and Sheriffs fee for eviction. Please note that additional $50/tenant will apply for service of summons and complaint if there are more than two tenants in the premises or a Prejudgment Right to claim of Possession is needed.)

If the case goes to trial (does not end in default) additional retainer of $1000.00 is required at the time the we are notified that tenant has filed answer. (Additional retainers may still be required at a later time)

Unlawful Detainer (Hearing/Trial):

$300/hour for attorney Ms. Allen

$350/hour for attorney Mr. Shepherd

Hourly rate (Drafting documents, attending deposition/settlement conference, etc.) $300/hour