Thank you for your inquiry regarding our legal services. 

Following is the prices for the basic services for Unlawful Detainer cases.

Price List:

 Consultation:                                                                                                                                                                  $150.00 (min.)
(for up to thirty minutes)
3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit (or other form notice)                                                                                $50/notice

30/60/90 Day Notice to Terminate tenancy or other                                                                                      $300/Notice
Drafted Notices

Cost for Service of any Notice                                                                                                                                      $65/notice

*Unlawful Detainer (for Default) Alameda County                                                                                            $1400 (non-refundable)

(includes fees for court filing, serving complaint on one occupant, and Sheriff’s fee for eviction. Please note that additional $50/tenant will apply for service of summons and complaint if there are more than one tenant in the premises or a PJC must be done.)

*Unlawful Detainer (for Default) Other counties                                                                                                  $1400 (non-refundable)

Unlawful Detainer (Hearing/Trial):                                                                                                                               $300/hourly rate

Hourly rate (Drafting documents, attending deposition/settlement conference, etc.)                          $300/hour

* * First retainer will cover all fees if and only if the tenant does not file an answer with the court and we are able to win by default.

If the tenant files an answer there will be an additional retainer of $1000.00 required at that time in order to prepare for court.

Depending on whether the tenant requests a jury trial or court trial will depend on the amount of any additional (3rd) retainer. The additional retainers (other than the first retainer) are refundable, so any unused portion will be returned to you.  


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  • Oakland/ Berkeley/San Francisco Rent Board Hearings

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  • Tenant disputes

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